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1896 Applications for Citizenship into the Cherokee Nation
Due to the overwhelming number of records we have accumulated, we will be taking a different approach to the transcribing of them. Beginning in August 2012, for the sake of time, in each record we will transcribe only those documents that have genealogical or other pertinent information in them. This will facilitate our making more records available from more family lines.

If you see a record posted for your ancestor and would like a more complete file, email me and I will make the TIFF images available to you.

July, 2013
ECA Testimony, Martha J. Box
ECA Testimony, Martin Brown
ECA Testimony, A. J. Rogers
ECA Testimony, Samuel Sizemore
ECA Testimony, Wm H. Sizemore

October, 2012
1896 Application, John H. Wagoner

September, 2012
ECA, Woodson Sizemore

August, 2012
1896 Application, John Blevins