Martin Brown being first duly sworn, deposes and says:

I am 88 years of age, and have lived in Ashe County, N.C. about 80 years. I was born in Wilkes County.I knew old Ned Sizemores who lived in Alleghany County. His sons Owen and George, have stayed all night with me. They were the best singers I ever heard. They sung good spiritual songs. Old Time Religion, and the old time songs. They were good appearing men. They did not show as dark as their father. I understood their mother was a White woman. They were not old men when they stayed at my house, nor were they young. They were probably about thirty, as I was then about twenty. They lived in Alleghany County, and would come here to this court and stop with me. I think they had business at court in Jefferson, but they were good, steady men, and I do not know what business it was. I do not know whether they were voters or not. I did not know any other children of Old Ned Sizemore other than Owen and George, although I have heard of some of his daughters.

I have seen Ned Sizemore, himself, I expect I was about twenty, according to my best recollection. I did not see him very often. It seems that it was at a church I saw him. He looked to me then as though he might be sixty or seventy years of age. He was of Indian, and the best recollection I have was that he was a Cherokee. I was told by Mr. Blevins that he was of the Cherokee tribe. I have only heard of but one Ned Sizemore. I do not remember hearing of any brothers of Ned Sizemore. I do not recollect hearing of Johnny Sizemore or Joseph Sizemore, nor have I heard of of Dr. Johnny Gourd. I have been informed that Ned Sizemore lived in Alleghany County close to the Blue Ridge Mountains. If I understand it right, I heard that he came from Cherokee. I do not recollect that George or Owen ever told me that their father came from Cherokee, but it was generally reported in the neighborhood that he came from Cherokee.

I heard that Ned Sizemore died in Alleghany and was buried there. I mean Alleghany, N.C. I have seen an Indian about fifteen or twenty years ago who seemed to be a traveller collecting money from persons claiming Indian blood. With the exception of Ned Sizemore and this man, and another Indian in a show, I have seen no Indians in this country.

I have seen Ned Hart. He and a brother Pete and they claimed Indian blood through Ned Sizemore. Ned Hart claimed Indian blood, and showed the Indian. I do not know that he stated what kind of Indian blood he claimed. I never talked enough with Ned Sizemore to hear him say what kind of Indian blood he had. I first heard of the Cherokee blood, when Blevins and Pruitt came up to see me, long back. I do not claim any share of this Cherokee money, and do not know of any relatives, either by blood or marriage, who claim a share. I do not know of a man in this country as old as I, and I only want justice done.

___Martin Brown___

SUBSCRIBED and sworn to before me at Jefferson, N.C., this 2d day of April, 1908.

____J Edward Tylor________
Assistant to Special Commissioner
U. S. Court of Claims.      

[Transcribed from the microfilmed records at NARA by Betty Thomas Finger for the website,
Sizemore Family Cherokee Indian Records

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