Samuel B. Sizemore, being first duly sworn, deposes and says:

I am 59 years of age; was born in Dickson County, Tenn.; Have lived in Tennessee all my life with the exception of a couple of years in the West.

I claim Cherokee Indian blood through my father. My father was born in Halifax County, Va. I do not think he ever lived with the Indians. He never received any Indian money from the government that I know of and I have never received any. I have never before tried to get any. About twenty years ago I thought of filing a claim in the Territory but never did. I have never lived with the Indians.    I have never heard of Hester, the enrolling agent in 1884.

None of my brothers or sisters have made application that I know of.    My brother G. M. Sizemore lives in this county. When I sent him a blank to make application he said there was nothing in it.

My father told me that his grandmother was a full blood Cherokee Indian.

I never heard of Ned Sizemore until the Commissioner wrote me about it.

My grandfather had seven sons, my father came west and the others went back into North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama.

I have never heard of the White Top Band nor of Chief Blevins of the White Top Band.

(Signed) Samuel B. Sizemore

SUBSCRIBED and sworn to before me at Waverly, Temm this twenty-fourth day of June, 1908.

Assistant to Special Commissioner of
the Court of Claims      

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