In re. 34232

A. J. Rogers, witness for Samuel B. Sizemore; after being first duly sworn, deposes and says:

I have known Samuel B. Sizemore all my life. He is part Cherokee Indian from what his father said about him. His father claimed to be part Cherokee Indian. I knew his father all my life. I knew him ever since I can remember; he was the first man I ever heard preach. He told me he was part Cherokee Indian. He was a recognized white man. He said he came from East Tennessee.    I knew nothing about his mother.    I do not think he ever tried to get any Indian money from the government.

______A. J. Rogers_________

SUBSCRIBED and sworn to before me at Waverly, Tenn this twenty-fourth day of June, 1908.


Assistant to Special Commissioner of
the Court of Claims      

[Transcribed from the microfilmed records at NARA by Betty Thomas Finger for the website,
Sizemore Family Cherokee Indian Records

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