There were some 80 pages of testimony taken in the field, representing over 70 interviews,
to substantiate or clarify the Sizemore information in the Eastern Cherokee Applications.

Ashby, Joseph, NC(Testimony 5)
Baldwin, John, NC(Testimony 37)
Bennett, Tandy, NC(Testimony 4)
Black, A. B., OK(Testimony 72)
Blevins, Martha P., VA(Testimony 55)
Blevins, Noah M., VA(Testimony 54)
Blevins, William H., VA(Testimony 52)
Box, Martha J., AL(Testimony 61)
Brown, Martin., NC(Testimony 26)
Collins, James M., NC(Testimony 7)
Crow, Mason, GA(Testimony 69)
Gosa, Wesley W., AL(Testimony 65)
Harris, Leah M., NC(Testimony 12)
Hart, Drury M., VA(Testimony 53)
Holland, Henry A., NC(Testimony 1)
King, Benjamin F., NC(Testimony 3)
Kirk, William J., AL(Testimony 67)
Puckett, James, GA(Testimony 70)
Rogers, A. J., TN(Testimony 59)
Rose, Eli, WV(Testimony 56)
Rose, George W., WV(Testimony 57)
Sizemore, James H., NC(Testimony 6)
Sizemore, Morgan D., NC(Testimony 2)
Sizemore, Samuel B., NC(Testimony 58)
Sizemore, Thomas, AL(Testimony 66)
Sizemore, Wm H., AL(Testimony 60)
Stallings, John E., NC(Testimony 11)
Stallings, Tabitha C., NC(Testimony 8)
Ward, Robert E., OK(Testimony 71)